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Spazio Fantin Milano

Fantin has opened a new exhibition area at 8 Via Palermo in the Brera district of Milan.
Under a special partnership scheme, Fantin’s collections have been used to furnish premises that it shares with Eligo Studio. This provides visitors with the opportunity to see a real-life working environment where Fantin’s products perfectly complement each other. The location has been developed by the design teams of the two brands and it contains both classic pieces and the new collections by Fantin’s Art Director Salvatore Indriolo, which take excellence in the furniture world to ever greater heights.

Spazio Fantin Milano
c/o Eligo Studio
via Palermo 8 – floor 1
20121 Milano

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Metro MM2 Moscova

Monday to Friday, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
By appointment only

Tel +39 02 83962003
e-mail: milano@fantin.com

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