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Frame Kitchen Outdoor

One of the new Fantin creations is the Outdoor Frame Kitchen designed by Salvatore Indriolo.

An outdoor version of the multi-award winning kitchen workstation (the winner of a 2018 Archiproducts Design Award and a place in the 2019 ADI Index) is now available thanks to electrophoretic painting processes that prevent rust from forming and offer outstanding protection from the elements. Fantin is venturing into this new area of the market because it firmly believes that the versatility, colours and durability of its products can effectively satisfy customization needs in open-air settings.

Both indoor and outdoor Frame Kitchens come with two or three units (128 cm or 188 cm in width) and Barazza steel tops. They can be fitted with a built-in stainless steel gas barbecue for extremely practical, smoke-free cooking thanks to the superior materials and hi-tech systems used.

The Outdoor Frame Kitchen is the latest addition to the Frame range. Initially presented in 2018, the line already includes tables, storage units and bookcases of various sizes. All Frame items feature solid square tube frames, which are always visible in what is essentially a tribute to the frame itself and the metal from which it is made. The latter material embodies the essence of Fantin, which has been ingeniously, passionately processing it for more than 50 years.

Highly specialized know-how gave rise to the development of the Frame collection, which meets demand for minimal design with the blend of meticulously gauged proportions and structural solidity that can be found throughout the items in the range.


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