Discover metal Its design, colours and inspiration
Frame Kitchen The versatile and colorful workstation
Compositional freedom and a surprising palette of 35 finishes, for multiple aesthetic solutions. Design Salvatore Indriolo MORE INFORMATION
Uno shelving system Since 1973, infinite compositions thanks to a unique hook
Discover the versatility The Uno shelving system is easily customizable thanks to the online configurator CONFIGURE
Our values

Fantin was founded in 1968 in Bannia near Fiume Veneto, in the heart of one of the most important industrial areas in Italy and the whole of Europe.

With the close ties between human well-being and the environment in mind, we have a sustainable outlook that takes concrete form in all of our collections.

We have vast experience of working with metal, which we have been doing devotedly for over 50 years.

The clean-cut designs intelligently combine versatility and visual appeal.

For all of our collections, we have a breathtaking colour palette consisting of more than 60 different finishes.

The entire production cycle takes place in our facilities: from the arrival of the raw materials to mechanical cutting, punching, bending, tack welding, final welding, powder coating, assembly and packaging for delivery.