Solutions in metal, engineering and passion

Fantin was founded in 1968 in Bannia in the municipality of Fiume Veneto, in the heart of one of the most important Italian and European industrial areas. The Fantin family, which has always been in charge of the firm, has created with passion a world specialised in the production of furniture and solutions in metal, recognised in its market as having an indispensable value: quality, that is to say a synthesis between beauty, solidity and durability.

All the furniture from the Fantin collections, carefully created with special attention to their technical and styling details, can be adapted to the most diverse surroundings: from the office to the home, as well as to communities and to industry. This versatility, attributable to the ability to customise just a single product or the most complex request, is the key that has allowed Fantin to establish so many prestigious partnerships over the years.

The in-house production units are directly overseen in every particular and, together with the high level of technological know-how, blend the engineering excellence of each project with a tailor-made product range.

Collections and partnership

All the furniture from the Fantin collections can be adapted to the most diverse surroundings: from the office to the home, as well as to communities and to industry. Mobile shelving systems, storage units, lockers, tables: a wide range of solutions in metal, but always consistent in several fundamental aspects:


For Fantin, beauty derives from an accurate study of shapes, of functions and of colours, facilitating the integration of all the products into any surroundings. The basic design, studied in the slightest detail for its proportions and ergonomic qualities, intelligently blends aesthetics with versatility.


Fantin products, engineered by the in-house technical department and developed in the production department by specialist experts, are recognised by the market for their extreme solidity, even when confronted by heavy demands and loads. The precision of the conception and construction of the parts guarantees, where required, a particularly simple, swift and secure method of assembly.


In building the collections, the construction qualities and the materials used ensure an exceptional longevity, as demonstrated by many products sold during the ’70s and still in use today by some long-standing Fantin clients.


Respect for the environment is of the utmost importance for Fantin, whose objective is to create products that are safe both in form and in content. Each product is completely recyclable thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the metal and to the non-toxic paints which contain no heavy metals.


As well as its own collections, Fantin has developed a know-how of excellence which has allowed it to consolidate important partnerships over the course of the past years. Our passion for searching for engineering solutions, from the planning stage to the finished product, is the value that sets out our approach to the sharing of an objective.

Quality and flexibility

In our 5,500 sq.m. headquarters, there is room for all the phases of the entire production cycle, from delivery of the first choice of partly-worked raw materials, to the mechanical processing, right up to coating with thermo-hardening powder paints devoid of heavy metals, guaranteeing respect for the environment and furniture that is 100% recyclable.


The fact that all the phases of production are in-house makes it possible for flexible management, both in terms of the customisation of the product offering and in terms of quantities, which range from a single item up to the most demanding requests linked to the world of contracting. The short and carefully selected supply chain of our own suppliers guarantees the provision of materials of premier choice, allowing us to propose in the world-wide market products that are authentically “Made in Italy”.


Each article is required to pass quality control tests at each stage of processing, as demonstrated by the ISO 9001 Certification, an internationally recognised quality standard that guarantees an optimal organisational structure and appropriate quality standards for all the production phases within the company.

History and passions

Even before he was an adult, Dorino Fantin learned to work metal as a workman and, after a few years, decided to set up his own business, with the help of his young wife Emilia. Dorino himself transported iron rods on his Vespa as far as the entrance to his house, his first workshop, where he made them into cages for chickens. He was never short of work, and started receiving requests for gates and railings, so he was also able to expand his activity to his shed, working every evening and weekend.


These were the years of the economic boom and Dorino decided to involve his brother Ferruccio in this stimulating adventure. On the 2nd May 1968, “Fantin Brothers” was formed. At the start of the business, Dorino and Ferruccio were assisted in their work by their respective wives Emilia and Delia, and shortly thereafter they built with their own bare hands the first 200 sq.m. workshop, a true luxury compared with before. In 1969 they took on first Marisa, then Enio, who both worked at Fantin until they retired. In 1973 a historic product was launched: click-fastener shelving – a great novelty in so far as previously there existed only shelving that had to be bolted together, which was less stable and much more complicated to assemble. It is still in production today and much appreciated by the market. During the following years, other items of furniture were developed for offices, for industry and for communities, some of which are still on the market, thanks to light restyling touches. Today Fantin Srl is a fully structured company with a 5,500 sq.m. production facility and, now that it is being run by the second generation, it remains proudly anchored in the past and looks forward to the challenges of the future.


Throughout the long history of Fantin, one of its key values has always been its sense of social responsibility. Dorino Fantin is today Chairman of the Fiume Veneto-Bannia Sporting Association, an important point of focus for junior football in the region, with over 200 members. Certified as a “Qualified Football Academy”, the association sees sport as a means to develop the personality of those who play it. Fantin believes profoundly that the respect of rules, tolerance and loyalty are inescapable values that need to be handed down to the new generations, and thanks to its collaboration with a team of psychologists and educational experts, it promotes the positive values of youth sport, strong in the knowledge that the most immediate form of education is by example. For many years the Fantin family has actively dedicated itself to putting all this into practice.

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