Fantin is back at Milan Design Week with an event entitled NOW: established collections and new creations are on show alongside each other in a site-specific installation devised by Eligo Studio, which connects the past to a consciously forward-thinking present.

In a handsome building on Via Palermo – in the heart of the Brera Design District – a long yellow tunnel attracts visitors and ushers them into the exhibition, which spans two floors. On the ground floor the collections have been pulled apart and put back together in the form of sculptures and 3D pictures, in an immersive multi-coloured display full of bright hues. Meanwhile, a Fantin Apartment has been created on the floor below. There are softer shades in the exclusive palette of the all-embracing living space, which was conceived as a calm, secluded spot where visitors can find some peace of mind.

The three parts of the installation sum up Fantin’s multifaceted nature: the tunnel – which is entirely made of metal – epitomizes its sartorial capacity to produce bespoke solutions, the multi-coloured set design helps to highlight the broad colour palette (with 35 finishes) and the sustainability of the products (which are solid, practical and can be dismantled), and the Fantin Apartment shines the spotlight on the quality and visual appeal of furniture that is suitable for both homes and the contract market.

A starring role on both floors goes to three Fantin collections by three different designers:

Selection of tables – 2022
Designed by Giulio Iacchetti – An international player’s first joint project with Fantin

A collection containing various types of products – 2018-2022
Designed by Salvatore Indriolo – Industrial designer and creative director at Fantin since 2013

Metal storage shelves – 1973
Designed by Dorino Fantin – Founder of Fantin in 1968, along with his brother Ferruccio